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Update on the emergency situation - we're kind of past our deadline and absolutely need to have rent paid before the month turns over. :(

If anyone is able and wants to help us, you can donate by joining our supporter community on Patreon or donate via Paypal here. Or, you know, if anyone owns a rental place we could occupy for a while...

And hey! - we've also got something cool to offer: Smile Banana T-shirts! As seen modeled by the mysterious stranger on page 879 - For only $35, you too can have a piece of the banana! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

(You can choose sizes XS through 4XL, in black or white. Include your size/color when you order. 2XL - 4XL are additional $4)

Ship to US
Ship to Everywhere Else +$7
support us on Patreon
support us on Patreon