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Seiyuu CRUSH! is a romantic comedy, and sometimes drama, featuring amazing guys you can’t help but love.

  • Slightly cheesy? Sometimes.
  • Vulgar? Occasionally.
  • Sexy? Oh, yes.
  • Completely addictive? We’d like to think so.
Yes, certainly for us. <3 It’s become our world. And we think, once you get to know our guys a little, you’ll be addicted too.

It begins as

a classic tale of cute (and more than just a little tsundere) guy gets forced into a new job. (Well, because from what we know, no one else would hire Kaji Katsuki after what happened.)

And follows how

his life gets so much more complicated after meeting his new co-worker and voice acting partner, KoiZ — a guy who is cute and well-meaning, but somewhat pushy, and very much eager to turn their erotic drama cd relationship into a reality.

♡ Aren’t they cute? ♡

Yes, a slice-of-life workplace romance. But not without it’s ups and downs, and ‘will they or won’t they’ - right KoiZ? Kaji?
Or maybe it’s only a question of when?

And what about those rules, Kaji? Remember?

“No revealing displays of affection in public. That means touching, kissing, groping, grabbing, or otherwise lewd behavior."

Oh! The surprise arrival of a charming younger brother ~ just to keep KoiZ on his toes, eh?

Oh, and there’s more.

So much more. Fine dining, eccentric brothers, Oniichan’s lover, and a special adopted family member who came with the building…

Welcome to Flavor~!

And two that surely have their own past and story to reveal in time

~ Hiroki and Masuji ~

the twins • the lovers

What is Seiyuu CRUSH! all about?

Ultimately, it’s about love ~

And friendship ~

It’s about keys and hearts, mirrors and doors... luck and fate, time and trust.

It’s about finding what your secret heart is searching for.

A place to belong.

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