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Welcome to CRUSH! ♥

Seiyuu CRUSH! started going up on Valentines Day 2011 - very fast and sketchy, as we like to say. So, you are going to see various improvements from page one to, ahh... wherever we are now, as we get to know our guys more personally, with all their masks off ~ well, and on, too... because masks are important like that.

It's all very relevant though - this beginning. And you may miss an important piece of the puzzle if you skip too far ahead too quickly. Ah, and comedy can be somewhat deceptive in importance at times, but slowly getting to know these guys is the key to understanding them. And understanding is what CRUSH! is possibly most about. And what that means, well... is somewhat up to interpretation. A sense of friendship - a sense of humor - a sense of love? We'd like to think that no matter what you're looking for, or even if you're not aware you're looking, you'll find something you need here. Because to us, this has all become so much more than just a story. And we hope as you read through the pages, getting to where we are now, and continuing on with us, you'll feel it too.

So let us get to it, and start from where it all begins ~ as we dim the lights, raise the curtain, give the puzzle pieces a shake ~ and let the show begin!


September 2015
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support us on Patreon