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❤Those two.❤ And Hiroki’s expression here reminds me of their flashback scene at the kotatsu. Those who subscribe to the Patreon got the bonus of having the sake name meanings revealed for that special scene. It’s been a while now, but if you found yourself wondering, you can take a look back at page 568 and read the meanings of their shared drinks below.

Seigetsu 霽月
moon shining in a rain-cleansed sky

Kyokkou 旭光
rays of the rising sun

Futago no chigiri 双子の契り
vow/fate of twins

So... this blog is something I've been wanting to start posting to for quite a long time really. With writing the manga—their stories—talking is easy. I watch and listen to what they say, experience how they feel, and do my best to write it down as true as I can. Talking like this is becoming unhidden from behind their voices somewhat. And well, I guess I share a certain shyness that Hiroki seems to have. Although, his might be mostly related to an accidental 'walking in on' of Oniichan and Takahashi-san while they were baking in the kitchen—and at a time when Hiroki was at a somewhat difficult age too. ^^; Ah, which is precisely why he now finds himself down in the sake cellar having a Mad Hatter’s Tea with a four foot rubber squirrel named Henry. I'm sure it will all work out though, Hiroki. ☆♪

~Saki (Crush's writer)


Happy Halloween!
And, hey, if you think that pumpkin's amazing, wait until you see the man whittle!


Here's a little bonus comic that Patreon subscribers saw about a week ago.
Masuji's boy is special. A little scary... but special.


Holidays at Flavor! It's the time of year when Hiroki somehow gets coerced into playing Santa... looks like he might get what he wished for, though.
(ooh! and Santa brought Jenga! yay!)

(and for readers who weren't around last year and want more seasonal goodness, here's 2015's holiday bonus)


Holy Shit, we reached our goal! ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I think we're still in a bit of a daze after waking up and seeing that 100%... but it looks like we're going to be making books now... thanks to an extra-generous donor who tipped us over the goal!! o_O Thank you to everyone who contributed so far!!!

It was years ago when we were first laughing about these characters and stories that had appeared, and S. excitedly urged me, 'you have to draw it!' And the first pages appeared, hastily sketched with a junk tablet; and then KoiZ turned around in his chair, and our lives completely changed (oh... kinda like Kaji's did). It's crazy to look back over 6 years of pages and see how the art has changed (hopefully for the better ^^), and what the guys are doing now. And also to know that what's up on the website now is so so far behind the script that S. has, and I need to just draw and draw faster. (Sometimes I'll read upcoming scenes and be like 'I want to draw that now!') Some characters you have yet to really know, and we're so looking forward to showing them, as well as showing the sweet, the funny, the entangling drama, of the characters we've introduced and shown.

We're going to get busy now working on the last bit of proofreading needed, and finalizing extra art such as the covers and bonus pages. We'll be reaching the end of Volume 3 sometime in spring and hopefully can get #3 into print next year! And have we mentioned we're super excited for the storylines coming up next year? :D

(artist of sore☆zore)



After nearly 6 years, 630 pages, and loads of despair and love and hard work, we're getting together the first two volumes of CRUSH! for print! We're putting together a campaign to raise enough money for a small print run. (*_*)/
We've decided to work on getting Volume 1 & 2 into books with our first campaign, which will collect the first four years of CRUSH! We've decided on a fairly low amount to get to the minimum order of books the printer requires, but if we pass up our goal we'd be able to order a whole lot more! (and maybe add in some good stretch goals for our backers, too!)

Click here to check out the campaign and help us

We're excited to get this going and hope you are too! Please tell your friends and share all over the place. Feel free to ask any questions, and most of all, a big big thanks for your support and love! ❤



As a reward for reaching $100+ on our Patreon, we’ve posted the “Age Chart” bonus picture!

What is that, you might ask? Well, it is all of our main guys (14 of them to be exact) lined up in order of their age… and in their pajamas (…or lack of).

So if you want to see who wears their undies to bed, or if you don’t care about undies and just want to know if KoiZ is older than Hiroki, you can sign up for our Patreon and pledge any amount from $2 a month!

(at $5 a month you’ll get preview sketches of upcoming pages, previews of new art, and other goodies, and at $10 a month you’ll get all that plus written prose giving more insight into some scenes, and postcards mailed to you!)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


It's a contest!

We're giving away one cool t-shirt to the person who can take a guess at how many t-shirts belonging to KoiZ that we've seen so far. Click here or on the image above for details.

Also, we're taking preorders to do a print run of this shirt design. Modeled by KoiZ back in scene 3, you too can now own the "Do Not Eat Raw" t-shirt! :D :D

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Now you can be as suave as this.


The contest deadline is up, and the winners are Adi and Jade!
Due to a little overcounting on our part, we had reckoned the t-shirt count to be 40, however on second count have discovered the correct answer to be ... 37. (we think) So the two closest guesses of 35 and 42 will win a prize. 。.゚+:((ヾ(。・ω・)シ)).:゚+。

If you're curious exactly how we came up with the number, we'll be putting a list of the shirts for Patreon subscribers, but here's a basic breakdown:
comic pages ---> 17
comic covers ---> 3
sketches ---> 6
bonus comics ---> 4
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wallpapers, postcards, etc ---> 3

Thanks everyone who entered, and we hope it was fun!

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