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Goal: More Pages!

We want more pages of CRUSH. We know you want more pages, and faster! Having less time dedicated to non-creative, real-world, money-related things give us more time to work on new pages and stories.

This little widget-thing will calculate Paypal contributions and Patreon pledges to show how much more funds we need to get to an extra page this month!

$ of $ goal

Currently, CRUSH! updates twice a week. If we reach $250 USD in contributions in one month, we can speed up the schedule and put up 1 extra page in that month (or the following month, depending on when it's reached).

If we reach that, there's more good stuff:
$500 a month - 2 extra pages in a month
$900 a month - 3 extra pages in a month
$1300 a month - updates 3 times a week!

Ok, how?

The good: No subscription, no signup, contribute whatever you want, get a bonus thank-you image. Click the little button & buy us a coffee to fuel more pages! :D


The good: Get access to our Patreon feed, postcards, set your monthly amount to whatever you like. Click the button to read more about Patreon rewards.