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Hey, Shota, watch out for bananas! Hey, wait, it's....
    .... who's that?


So, if we've been little quiet around here lately, it's because we've been a little (okay, a lot) depressed at the financial situation of the moment, and preoccupied, unfortunately, with trying to raise money for March's rent and other bills. T_T

So we've got a cool donation wallpaper for you! (-v-)/  Any donations through our ko-fi page will get some cute Kaji & KoiZ art for your desktop, with your choice of light or dark background.
(You should get redirected to download the wallpaper after your donation, though we haven't tested this, so you'll get an email with your download, too)

And, we always have books on sale in our shop, as well as prints and pins and shirts!

support us on Patreon
support us on Patreon