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Thanks SO much to everyone who donated to us over the past week! Your support and awesome comments have honestly amazed us. ^_^ We've pretty much made it to our goal, which means KoiZ is feeling like a nice hot shower, aren't you, KoiZ?! He'd rather spend the night at Kaji's... but hey, maybe since they're headed towards his place... you know he's gotta try a little... In any case, a bonus sketch will be going up sometime next week ~ we'll keep you updated so you don't miss it. m(_ _)m

If you'd like to show your support for us and the guys, we still have items (like KoiZ's Potentially Hazardous t-shirt, and pins) in the store, and we always deeply appreciate any donations you may want to send our way ~ which will be put towards the next extra special bonus! ♡

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support us on Patreon