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Newest Update: Holy Shit. Due to some amazingly generous people, we are now just past the 3/4 mark to our goal ~ and our bonus sketch! Better grab your favorite soap, KoiZ!
Seriously though, we are pretty overwhelmed at all the support sent our way, and want to thank everyone who has donated so so much. m(_ _)m


New Update: OMG, our fans are seriously so awesome. Thank you, everyone who donated, and everyone reading CRUSH! The support people are showing for our work (and our guys) is so crazy inspiring to us. We are over halfway to our goal, and want to give back for all your generosity. In fact, KoiZ has volunteered to pose for a little fanservice. Oh, yes! Anything to keep scenes being written, pages going up... anything to further his relationship with Kaji... as quickly as possible... Ah, we totally understand, KoiZ. ^_^

And so, when we reach our goal (which we are more than halfway to already!) a tastefully artistic, wet, soapy, and possibly singing, KoiZ in the shower will go up as a bonus! And well, we think it's kind of fitting to the scene, as Kaji did say he smelled kind of... ah... different tonight. So yes, a shower is just what is needed. No peeking before the sketch is finished, Kaji. ♡ ^_~


Update: We've raised about 1/4 of our goal. Thanks so much to those who donated - we're really amazed by your generosity. T_T
If we can raise $400, we have a special sketch planned, and it just might involve KoiZ. ^_~
More details when we're not falling asleep..


You've probably noticed Friday's page isn't here yet. We're working on getting it up as soon as possible. It's been quite a terrible month for us, so it's hard for me to think of what to say here. I can just say that we could use your donations more than ever at this moment, as we've come in danger of losing our apartment again if our late rent isn't paid.

Any donations would really help us out a lot! We also wanted to make a special offer - We have two CRUSH! posters to choose from that we're giving out for a $50 donation. The first is scene 9's chapter cover, Miwa and Haruka on their getaway bike. =D The second is scene 11's chapter - Kaji and KoiZ's virtual reality. They are each sized 12x18 inches and will be signed by us (sore☆zore). If you would like either of these, just tell us which poster you would like when you send in your donation. (If we get multiple donations for the posters, we will order more) (〃・ω・〃)

We do also still have KoiZ's Potentially Hazardous t-shirt for sale, as well as pins and things in the store, if you'd like to get yourself some other CRUSH! goods!

I can't really express how much we want to get back to focusing all our energy on Kaji and KoiZ, Miwa and Haruka, Hiroki and Masuji, and all of our boys... Want to get our first volume out... Want to put into pictures more and more and more pages that my incredibly wonderful partner has written...

If you've enjoyed the guys' story this far and would like to throw us some spare change, you can click on the Paypal link below and know that we really do appreciate it, and you are quite literally saving our asses. (;*△*;)
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support us on Patreon