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A new scene - and to where might this ride take us?

Ah, we've been on a ride lately, and certainly as reluctantly as Masuji seems to be here. And also that parts of the last scene were not quite finished in the writing as we approached them, but we hope that you enjoyed Kaji & KoiZ's shared, um, ice cream. (๑╹ڡ╹๑) And if this scene goes on to be retouched, perhaps in a book edition, remains to be seen.

But let's go on ahead! Because all of these guys have lots to show us, and perhaps more unfinished business to speak of. The title of this scene will be up when it's finalized, but have a chapter cover now! And come back Thursday for a new page.

Oh, that not-so-fun ride we've been on? Part of that involves scrambling to try to get an overdue car payment that still hasn't been made. If you want to give us a tug toward getting back on our feet so we can keep regular updates, we've put books on sale in the CRUSH store for $15 apiece with media mail shipping, and you can also get prints, buttons, and shirts! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

I'll also be putting some sketches up in our Patreon soon, and hey, how does this sound - anyone who signs up to the $10 level this month will get a bonus postcard mailed to you when you sign up (even if you've been a member before), so you'll get two for your first month. You can even request your favorite character/couple. Of course, you can still support us for as low as $1/month if you like!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading, whether you've just found us or whether you've been with us for years. I don't know if you can imagine how much CRUSH means to us, but there would really be no magic to the world without them - without Kaji and KoiZ and Hiroki and Masuji (no matter how reluctant he might be right now *hugs Masuji*) and Kana and Fuji and Shiro and Shota and Shimazu and Kouki and Yuu and.... all of them and more you haven't even met yet.

I hope you stay with us for all that's coming.

-Pik (the artist)
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support us on Patreon