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It’s the restock, Masuji! ❤ And a friend?

We’ve been kind of quiet lately, but we’re here! And we know we now have three bonus pages to get up for everyone! Ah, things have been… just what’s the word—fucked—for us lately. And we’ve been almost kicked out of our apartment 27 times for late rent… it seems like it’s been that many times anyway.

Ah, but Kaji and Masuji are going to talk a little at the vending machines! And then we’ll be getting to Kaji and KoiZ talking quite a lot… that’s after some high tension kind of stuff goes down on the beach… and then Hiroki and Masuji might talk a little bit… and then—oh yeah, how the hell are you getting home, KoiZ?? Shh… don’t ask him that right now…

And, Shota, you’re such a tease. ❤

~ saki
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