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Update Below: Books Sale and New 11x8.5 Prints

Hey, everyone. It’s been somewhat of a hard time financially for us lately, but our work here, these guys… it’s all something we can’t give up on. We want to keep moving forward. Their world is just so amazingly important and special to us.

So, we want to share something cool with everyone. Some secret information for your support.
Just who or what is this secret information about?
It’s about a voice… KoiZ’s voice to be exact. ❤
When writing their words and actions, I have always heard each one of their voices as if they were talking aloud. All of our guys have their own very distinct voice, pattern of speech, pronunciation, and favorite words, slang, level of politeness.

With your donation, you will have access to a secret post that will reveal how we imagine KoiZ to sound. It will include links to what we consider KoiZ’s ‘voice sample’. And a link also to what we jokingly (but kind of seriously) call ‘KoiZ’s theme song’. Kind of funny really that we ever found anyone that sounded like our guy at all, as he does have an interesting voice. And yes, many of the others also have ‘voice samples’ in the same way… some of them feel maybe too private to reveal right now, so we’ll just go with KoiZ right now. You guys don’t mind, right? ❤

You can donate through our ko-fi account, or you can join our Patreon, and you’ll get access to the post that will let you in on what KoiZ sounds like when he whispers into Kaji’s ear all romantic and sexy. ❤ Oh, and just to let you know, Pik is working on some really nice prints right now that will be going out soon to our $10+ Patreon supporters.


There will also be an extra update next week - we'll let you know what day by the next update.


So this month has sucked and it looks like our overdue rent is going to be going past the 'grace period' pretty soon. If I end up having to sell my drawing tablet it's not going to be good. (As in, new pages are not going to be looking very pretty.-_-) I know we can pull out of this but we need as much help as we can get.

We still have some extra books in stock and so we're giving a bundle discount to anyone who wants some books - Volumes 1 & 2 for $35. That's with free shipping to the US, so a pretty good deal! I've made some easy links below to buy. ^^;


Ship to US
Ship to Canada +$14
Ship to Everywhere Else +$19

You can also get them through the CRUSH store if you want to add on some other goodies, too. We've put up some pretty awesome 11x8.5 size prints of the guys here, so if that gets you excited (we hope it does!), you can go check it out! or email us with any questions:

support us on Patreon
support us on Patreon