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Intrigued by those Yuwaku Boys? If so, we have a little extra info to share that was originally posted to our Patreon a long while back.

The Yuwaku ‘temptation’ Boys include: Kyo, Sho, Yuu, and Hide. You can find their profiles and current discography here: Yuwaku Boys Profile

So, our guys are somewhat like your typical Jpop group ~ catchy lyrics, a little bit of rap, flashy dress, hot dance moves, and yeah, kind of cheesy, haha. °₊·ˈ∗ ♬ Just so you know, Yuu is the lead dancer, Kyo is an awesome rapper, Sho gets the most singing lines, and Hide… well, someone we know will be sharing more information about Hide later on. But for now, I think we might be getting to know Sho a little better… if Shiro gets lucky that is. Oh, and how about that? You can find our lead dancer Yuu on Yasuhisa’s profile… interesting.

And if you’re curious about what their style of music sounds like, we have always imagined them sounding something like this Jpop group:
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