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Shota learned long ago to sleep with his door locked -- and tonight? well, Kouki may have gotten banished to the outdoors. Not that he minds! No, he's just a wildman like that. Gotta wonder if Shiro will ever get those underpants back though. Not that Kouki doesn't wear them with a special sort of class! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

Aww, and KoiZ... your night with Kaji may not have ended exactly how you thought it would, but the night of the masquerade is almost over, and a new scene is almost here, and that means new chances for love... ❤

❤ Bonus Comic! The New Guy ❤

If you ever wondered just why KoiZ chose that one particular article of clothing to greet Kaji with on his first day of work, then we’ve got something totally awesome for you! A super-special bonus comic available only in the first volume of Seiyuu CRUSH! that serves as an awesomely hilarious three-page prologue to the beginning of the story. Meaning: you get to see why KoiZ chose that bra - in return for your small (or large! we won’t stop you! ( 〃..) ) donation that will help us pay next month's rent (and keep the pages coming).  ^^;;

This special bonus will be available to read on our ko-fi page for about one week, and can be accessed immediately after donating on our ko-fi page under the Posts tab.

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