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...And so it begins. (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)

We wanted to thank everyone who has bought copies of the books and other merchandise, or donated through our Patreon or Ko-Fi page. We can’t begin to say how much your support helps us (financially) but also in giving us energy and inspiration to keep working! We love these guys so so much. ♥ We want to keep working on getting to where we can devote ourselves full-time to showing their stories. And their threads really do start to get tangled from this night on… can you sense it already?

And, oh! This is the first time we have gotten to a bonus page goal! We reached the $250 goal in donations for this month for an extra page! We’ll be announcing just when that extra page will go up so everyone knows beforehand! =D And I’m thinking this month is pretty good timing for an extra page…

So… we’ve still got books in the store here And not only books, but pins, postcard sets, KoiZ’s shirt — and we’re working on a very special set of items that will go up for sale soon. And be sure to check out what we are doing over at our Ko-fi page. We’re having a lot of fun putting up coffee profiles for the guys for donations. So, if you’ve ever wanted to know how KoiZ likes his morning cup…

m(_ _)m

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support us on Patreon