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Just wanted to bump the announcement that our books are still on sale! April has given us many troubles and we really need extra help in getting rent paid. So that means... Stuff For Sale! ha

*^*^*^*^BOOK SALE*^*^*^*^

Seiyuu CRUSH! Volumes 1 and 2 are $20 each and ship free to the USA. Both are 230+ pages each with bonus material!

*^*^*^*^NEW PRINTS*^*^*^*^

We’ve also added prints! Yay! These are postcard-sized matte prints (some are actual postcards and some aren’t) and you can find 4 different sets of 5 prints each. These are extras of the prints that Patreon users get, and some of the sets are very limited stock because we have just a few of some designs. If you want some pictures of cute boys to go on your corkboard or something... take a look.



You can also join our Patreon and get early preview sketches of pages for just $2/month and other stuff. (And to current Patreon subscribers, your NEW prints will be coming!) If you’re feeling nice, you can also throw some change through Paypal at our Ko-fi account.
support us on Patreon
support us on Patreon