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“You’re showing all the signs of a true madman, Hiroki.” *amused*
“Be that as it may, Masuji...” *Hiroki slight blush* “And you know I have a weakness for that particular pair.” ❤
“And on the last page of the scene too…”
“The last page of—just what kind of game is this?” *has no idea*
“The next one is to be quite primal from what I understand.” *Masuji slight blush*
“Primal as in how, Masuji?” *becoming somewhat interested*
“Come find me in the next scene, Hiroki, and you’ll find out.” ❤

Ah, those twins. ❤❤ But yes, this does end Scene 17 ~ the next update on Monday will be the cover for Scene 18! Woohoo, feel like we’re starting to get somewhere now, oh yes, as KoiZ likes to say.
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