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Bad, bad - dirty, dirty - gay, gay ♥ (〃▽〃)

Seriously though, this page turned out more perverted than we realized it would. Especially once we realized the Niku Live mascot is, well... slightly obscene looking really.
Ah, well. ^_^

And on a personal note, we recently found ourselves needing to either purchase a new, cheap microwave OR a baseball bat to bludgeon the old one with--seemed that was the only way it wanted to come on. ^^; Happy to say we went for the new one. It's rather needy though with its beeps... beeping when it's done, beeping when you open it, and (as we found out last night) beeping if you don't come to retrieve your caffeinated concoction within a specific amount of time. That's okay, I understand, little microwave. ~S.
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