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The contest deadline is up, and the winners are Adi and Jade!
Due to a little overcounting on our part, we had reckoned the t-shirt count to be 40, however on second count have discovered the correct answer to be ... 37. (we think) So the two closest guesses of 35 and 42 will win a prize. 。.゚+:((ヾ(。・ω・)シ)).:゚+。

If you're curious exactly how we came up with the number, we'll be putting a list of the shirts for Patreon subscribers, but here's a basic breakdown:
comic pages ---> 17
comic covers ---> 3
sketches ---> 6
bonus comics ---> 4
profiles, about page ---> 3
site banner ---> 1
wallpapers, postcards, etc ---> 3

Thanks everyone who entered, and we hope it was fun!

ALSO! Don't forget we are still taking preorders for this shirt in the store until this Thursday! So make sure you don't miss your chance to cosplay KoiZ own a cool shirt. (>▽<)
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support us on Patreon