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Oh, Hiroki... your pants. ^^; Ah, can't wait to see what else this night brings... here at Flavor, and at Kaji's. <3

New postcards will be going out to our Patreon $10+ subscribers in about a week. Ooh, and this time we get a little traditional and dark fairytale-ish... We're also getting close to our sleepover "age chart" reward! *wants to see what Kouki wears to bed* XD

Oh yeah! We've also got a contest going on, so check it out below!

It's a contest!

We're giving away one cool t-shirt to the person who can take a guess at how many t-shirts belonging to KoiZ that we've seen so far. Click here or on the image above for details.

Also, we're taking preorders to do a print run of this shirt design. Modeled by KoiZ back in scene 3, you too can now own the "Do Not Eat Raw" t-shirt! :D :D

Click on over to the store to get one - we'll be taking preorders until July 14, so don't miss your chance.

Now you can be as suave as this.
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support us on Patreon