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If you are curious about just what our boys are drinking, we have more information regarding the kanji and meanings of the three sake that Masuji names in this scene on our Patreon at the $5+ and $10+ support levels. Please come check out our Patreon page and consider supporting CRUSH! ❤

We’re working towards the first bonus, and when we reach $100 for the month, everyone who is pledging at the $5+ and $10+ levels will get an ‘age chart’ of our guys lined up in order of maturity. Ah, well, maybe maturity is the wrong word… XD And to make this extra special, our guys will be drawn wearing something a little different ~ their pajamas! So, you get a little glimpse of what our guys find most comfortable in the sheets on a normal sort of night. You can check out the CRUSH Patreon here.

Oh, and one more note… for those of you deeply missing a guy with a name that starts with a K and ends with a Z, oh, wait, or is that an i ?? Ah, well, for those of you… a new scene just might be starting after a couple more pages… We so wish that we could show you more faster, as so so much has happened between this now here, and the now we are at in writing. It is amazingly hard to keep it all secret. And here we are saying it again ~ we are just getting started.


P.S. Ah! We announced it elsewhere but not on the main site yet. Hiroki and Masuji have new profiles available for your viewing.

support us on Patreon
support us on Patreon