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To make up for missing last Monday's page due to various car-related fuck-ups, we bring you Friday's page early! (。’▽’。)♡ No one minds watching little Kana dance with yuzu fruit until the next update, right? ♡

Oh, and we have Patreon updates! ✰
We've mailed out this month's exclusive postcards for those at the $10+ level, so look for Miwa and Haruka snuggling in your mailbox soon! We've also updated with some secret info on those Yuwaku Boys ~ the pop boy band Haruka seems to be such a huge fan of. ♪ *:・゚✧
And for our $5+ subscribers, we've updated with some cute Kaji sketches!

Thanks to everyone for being patient this week while we had to deal with all the car trouble. All we really want is to keep working on CRUSH. To keep telling their stories. And to be able to keep devoting more and more time to it. It really takes an incredible amount of time and work to keep pages going up, and we really appreciate everyone's support! For anyone who is thinking about joining the Patreon, we would be grateful for your support at any level. We're working to get more fun stuff up there, including a special age chart of all our main guys when we hit $100 a month in support! So please come check it out!  CRUSH! Patreon

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support us on Patreon