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Oh... (*゚ロ゚)


It's also a new year! *insert sappy monologue here* Happy 2016! XD

Starting today, we're going to try and do a VOTE DRIVE - each day in January, something new will go up as a vote incentive. Just click the link and vote for us to see it, and you'll be helping CRUSH! get more exposure (and hopefully more fans!)

Jan 1 A special New Years illustration of our guys will start it out:

Jan 2 - A new sketch is now up!

Jan 3 - New sketch! Taking a peek back at KoiZ's apartment to see how our new arrival is faring...

We'll be archiving all the bonuses on our Patreon, also, so subscribers don't have to worry about missing a day. ^_~
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support us on Patreon