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Something special is up on the $10 level of our Patreon. You can read the written notes for pages 513-520 - Shiro's Arrival. (that's the notes that S. writes for me to draw from! -P.)

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A little preview of the notes for Shiro's Arrival -


*knocking getting louder and a voice now that we can't quite hear over the rain/thunder*

"They're not going away." slightly startled Kaji is trying to untangle himself from under koiz now - pushing him
KoiZ gets up kind of dazed, grabs his shirt from the floor and puts it on kind of clumsy as he heads to the door, flushed, spaced out, muttering to himself.... "Then I'll make them go away." and he doesn't exactly look angry here, mostly spaced out, amazed at being interrupted, and just very serious, going to make them go away.

Now we start to hear - as manly annoyed KoiZ is opening the door
"Koichi!" "Hey, KOICHI! Answer the door!" "It's Me!" at - it's me - we see just who it is... we see Shiro's face... grinning kind of with KoiZ’s goofy smile in the opening of the door, like ain't this awesome!

Ah, and so does KoiZ - see his face, that is...
And KoiZ's initial expression is a complete no fucking way kind of amazed, slightly unstable stare that shiro is standing there... ruining his date... too crazy really


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(and apologies to Masuji for posting this up under his quietly beautiful page) ❤
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