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It's your younger brother, KoiZ! Show him some love!

New Profile Up ~
If you've ever wanted to know more about Sakumoto-san and Flavor, than you're in luck! You can see Sakumoto-san's new profile here.

Patreon News ~
If you want to help us get CRUSH! updating three times a week, please consider joining our Patreon. We've just updated all levels with sparkly new content!

Since KoiZ's real name has been spilled by his well-meaning younger brother, we thought our supporters might like a peek at the kanji for his name. This probably won't be added to KoiZ's profile here on CRUSH!, as it seems our guy is just a little sensitive about it. ^^;;

Supporters that have access to our Patreon Blog will get a peek not only at KoiZ's kanji and meaning, but a sneak peek at Shiro's too.

For our supporters that have access to our Secrets Blog we've put up the extra bonus information of just how many years separate these two guys, and maybe another small fact or two.

Thanks so much for your support! ♡

And yes, Fuji really did come with the building. But that's a story for a later time...
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support us on Patreon