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Nice move with the bunny gummy, KoiZ! ♡

We've finally updated the CRUSH! store! KoiZ has approved a new t-shirt, and it's a special one ~ the one he wore on the cover of Scene 11! We felt it was kind of fitting right now, as Kaji and KoiZ are experiencing their first real date, and that's totally a potential overheat situation. *thinks KoiZ is a little overheated already, from the tilt of that pineapple on page 477* ^^;

And since KoiZ has donated a new t-shirt, we've decided to retire the first one. So, if you've been thinking about grabbing KoiZ's Potentially Hazardous shirt, you have just a couple of weeks left to order it, as it will be gone from the store at the end of this month.

We think either of these would make perfect convention shirts, especially if someone wants to cosplay our sexy man. :D Or maybe live out a fantasy in private... (〃▽〃)

♡ You can check it all out here in the CRUSH! store. ♡
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support us on Patreon