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Happy Valentine's Day~! ❤ ❤ ❤

February 14th marks the four year anniversary of Crush! ❤
We want to thank everyone for reading and getting to know our boys. Even after this long, we still feel as if we are just getting started, and really, we are only beginning to get to the inner layers of their stories. With over 250,000 words written now, it's so hard to be patient as we make our way slowly into their lives on the site here. Because we know them so completely, and want to show how amazing they all are. ❤ *hugs all our boys* ❤

We can't even begin to express how excited we are to see the scenes that are coming up! Even though the scenes going up right now were written quite a while ago, to see them become art on the page brings it to a whole new texture and dimension, and it's amazing. And so much is getting started now ~ Kaji and KoiZ having their first real date! How long have we waited for that?! Ah, too long, huh, KoiZ? As long as Kaji doesn't say no... right? How could he really? And our tricky complicated guys, Hiroki and Masuji ~ still getting used to their forced relocation new home at Flavor, and so so much story (and backstory) there to reveal... Ah, but we shouldn't get too far ahead just yet, as someone new is coming! Someone's face we've been waiting waaay too long to see... Someone very special ~ gonna shake things up a little bit. Oh, yes, he is.


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support us on Patreon