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A new page is here! Oh Haruka... was it a good book?


♡ Happy Birthday, Hiroki and Masuji! ♡ ♡
Looks like oniichan has baked up something special for you both at this very moment! ^_^;

Ah, as most people have surely noticed, we've missed some updates. October has been amazingly... well, fucked for us ~ and not in a good kind of way. Fucked in a financial way. In a 'need a snorkel and some flippers to swim through this shit creek' kind of way. ^^; And wow, that was up to KoiZ's level of crude, I think.

We want to be *here*. Writing, drawing, sharing their stories. We want to be with *them*. And anything that takes us away from our guys is so amazingly depressing. This is what we are supposed to do. Who we are.

Pages will be going back up - hopefully Friday will have its normal update. Miwa and Haruka have a little to try to work out tonight, and KoiZ is headed up to Kaji's door all cute and, well... a little dirty from the bike ride, maybe a little smelly. But it's hot, isn't it?! ^_^

And if anyone wants to help us out a little, by supporting CRUSH! and our guys, and well, maybe helping us to buy a bigger paddle, or even a rowboat, so we aren't actually wading in it anymore... we'd REALLY appreciate the donation!

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support us on Patreon