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We hope you've been enjoying the story so far... we are just barely getting started, barely past the introductions. If we could even begin to tell everyone, show everyone, just a bit of what's going to happen, the amazingly awesome ways their lives will interact and influence each other's... really, we are so just barely getting started. KoiZ, Kaji... Miwa, Haruku... and those two mysterious brothers up there, Hiroki and Masuji ♡ ...and more you barely know, or don't even know yet at all.

And that's why it is so hard to be where we are right now. We keep trying to race ahead with their story, keep pages going up, get our first book out, our second book out... but financially, things keep pushing us back and adding stress that keeps us from being able to work on what's important.

As I sit here and write this, I'm listening to music that represents someone you haven't met yet. Someone so so important and awesome. Someone that is so needed and loved, just as each one of them is needed and loved. This someone is someone with a loud voice. Not a speaking voice, although that's kind of loud too, but loud in that he is so easy to hear. They speak to us through music. Each one of them has their own special songs, type of music, that they are heard through, that they are felt through. And though right now, their story is just getting started, I can't express how important it is to keep going, to show all that is written so far, (over 150,000 words) and all that needs to be written still, everything they've whispered... KoiZ, Kaji... those two brothers... they have to be heard. They have to be known. They have to be. Because we love them.

If you've ever thought of showing your support for our work, if you are someone who ever wanted an opportunity to support gay artists, or if you just somehow believe in us, believe in *them* and their stories, and can feel, sense the importance of where their story is going... please consider donating to us now. Our apartment is now close to slipping from our fingers - if we don't have our late rent by next week... and we really really need your support.

S ~
crush writer

We wanted to make a little something to offer, so what YOU get is something extra special~~ a three-panel preview of things to come... a sneak peek ahead at the rest of KoiZ's night that's still quite a few pages from where we are now.

So we'd like to offer this special grayscale-painted mini-page to anyone kind enough to drop a donation in our tip jar. ^_^ (we only ask that you donate at least $3 because otherwise Paypal fees eat up everything)

CRUSH is beyond amazing to create together, and the stress of having so many things hold us back has been agonizing lately, as we just want to keep their story going. And hope that maybe you as the reader can understand just a little. ♡

P ~
crush artist

Here is the donate button to get a little sneak peek at the rest of KoiZ's night! We'll email it to your Paypal email within 24 hours (but probably sooner).

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support us on Patreon