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Round one of the Duel at Midnight takes place on the balcony, doesn't it, guys?

Also, please come back tomorrow for a special note and a sketch!

It's CRUSH!'s two year anniversary! ^___^
Yes, that's right... our very first page went live late at night on Valentines Day 2011. ♥

CRUSH! has become so much more than what it very first began... as, one by one, these beautiful people appeared, slowly sharing, revealing their selves to us... What started as amazingly fun, quickly became our incredible passion... a passion to show them as pure as they've shown themselves to us, as best as we are able, to hear them without influence... to understand, and represent them true. m(_ _)m

And we are really only just beginning here...
Over 150,000 words are written now, and more... so so much more to come... We can't begin to express how excited we are to reveal all that they've shown us so far.


Looks like KoiZ is dreaming of a little crème de fraise...

(you can also give us a vote to see the uncolored version)
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support us on Patreon