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Ooh, it looks like Kana made his way over to our profiles page! And if you're aching to know some secrets about our Kana and Fuji, they each have their own intimate look now available for your viewing pleasure! Just click.. click...
Fuji xx Kana

Oh, and we seem to be getting impatient glances from a couple other Sakumoto... Today's a special day, yes it is! October 22nd... Masuji's birthday, just a minute before midnight! and Hiroki's, just a minute after... right, Masuji? (Masuji, what's that little smirk?)

You can go over and vote for a little sketch we haven't seen in a while...

A new scene cover will be going up on Wednesday! Also, this page marks the ending of our first book! There's lot of work to do before we go to printing, so check back for updates~!
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support us on Patreon