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Damn, Shota, how did you get so cool?

Ah yeah, Shota is just too cool. And we are just really happy to finally be showing more about him. ❤

You may have noticed the awesome poster on the door to Shota’s bedroom featuring Matt Show, drummer and lead singer of Shota’s favorite band - Psychedelic Mayonnaise Thumper. Matt Show also happens to be Shota’s idol and role model, I guess you would say. He looks up to him for a lot of reasons, regarding a lot of things.

We've put up a full size version of the Matt Show picture on our Patreon for our $5+ level subscribers, along with some extra info about him, so come check it out. ❤

And we're still working hard finishing up the editing of the books, and adding in the extras!

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support us on Patreon
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