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CRUSH! Yaoi Drama CD & Game Releases
Phantom Furry of the Railway

Nakatsu as Zettai

PonPon as Nyaru

As the clock strikes midnight in Tokyo, and the last train completes its run, one man steps out from the shadows to begin his night's work. Equipped with the very best in technology, observation skills, and kickass leather pants, Zettai is the master of information ~ and he's not afraid to use it. After all, the feeling of power, and the satisfaction of knowing he's the best at what he does, is all that really matters... isn't it?

At least until one night ~ tired, a little lonely, and more than a little drunk, this man of facts and information falls asleep on the train, missing his stop. What happens next is a sensual night of surprise pleasures unlike any he's ever imagined, as the train moves out of Tokyo and into erotic realms unknown to his electronic database of information. It's a good thing his tour guide to ecstasy has come to gently wake him... the sensually playful phantom catboy, Nyaru, will provoke Zettai into new ways of using his skill and power, to experience the real meaning of satisfaction.

Crème de Fraise

Crème de Fraise ~ an explosively sexy gaming experience from CRUSH! Studios!!

You've experienced the thrill of the dramas ~ now CRUSH! brings you something brand spankin' cherry (or is that strawberry?) new and exceptionally interactive! Oh yes! All your favorite characters are back in erotically voiced, full color 2D action, and ready for your intimate attention - if you can handle it.

No Control

KoiZ as Kousuke Saito

Kaji Katsuki as Seiji Hiyashi

Kousuke Saito is a wanted man. After indulging in a tumultuous and addictive love affair with the man he was hired to kidnap, he finds himself hunted not only by the sadistic Yakuza mob boss he betrayed by not delivering his new plaything, but possibly by the very one he rescued, Seiji Hiyashi himself. After obtaining a new identity and going into hiding in a large American city for just over two years, Kousuke is determined to return to Tokyo and re-claim this man he rescued - this man whose deceptively innocent face and body he's been unable to erase from his mind - even if Seiji does turn out to be the double agent Kousuke suspects he is...


Miwa Satou as Jun

Haruka Hayashi as Shizuka

It's spring semester at the prestigious Flavor cooking school ~ where only the most dedicated and artistically talented students have been hand selected to attend their rigorous training program. As Shizuka wanders... shy eyed, slightly lost, and still confused as to how he received this special invitation after being reprimanded and kicked out of the admissions interview for being unable to even cook Japanese rice properly, he is greeted warmly by his new roommate and upperclassman, Jun. Skillfully gifted in the finest of techniques, Jun has been on the hunt for something new, something to challenge his expertise and inspire a deep craving he's never felt... and Shizuka may just be the one he's waited for... that sweet sensual flavor he's never encountered... that is, if our innocent Shizuka can handle the sizzling late night study sessions Jun has planned for him...